Apps we LOVE.

AppsHere are some of the apps that we use on a daily or near-daily basis. Truth be told, we can’t live without them, and the best news is that most of them are free. Happy days :)


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Goal setting mistakes to avoid.

How does a list of goals fall to pieces in just six weeks? Business coaches suggest the problem may be within you – the person trying to complete the goals or it may be the goal list itself. Here is the recipe for completely ruining your goals when goal setting.

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Facebook marketing in 11 minutes per day.

facebook marketingEvery business owner understands the importance of using social media to market their business. But, many fear that they just don’t have the time. They think that using social media like Facebook will take hours each day to do it right. But, nothing could be further from the truth.
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Free social media icons.

 free social media iconsJive is a set of 10 free social media icons which represent various cartoon illustrations dancing.

We wanted to bring a face to these social media websites, and so we asked one of our graphic designers to do just that.

We hope you enjoy them! :)

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Our work with Business Victoria.

business victoria website screenshotOver the past couple years I have been fortunate to be a part of the Business Victoria Content Development Advisory Group.

As part of that role, I have produced a number of articles and templates relating to marketing, strategy, website design and business development.

I have also had great fun hosting #chatbv sessions on Twitter.

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Web designer? 5 ways to travel effectively.

web designerThe days of being tied to a desk appear to be on the way out. Statistics from the Robert Half International Survey pegged the rate of American telecommuters at almost three percent, aiming to demonstrate that workplaces can benefit from remote staff and flexible working arrangements, even in industries where in-person hours are often used to judge effort and work output.

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