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The Growth Program

Ecommerce Strategy

We help ecommerce store owners, like you, successfully grow your Shopify store without feeling confused, overwhelmed, or stressed.

The eCommerce Journey

Struggling to grow your Shopify store?

It’s tough when you know your online business could do better, but you just don’t know how.

Yet your time is valuable and running a business is hard enough… Now you have to spend hours researching apps, checking analytics, and reading endless blog posts.

Meanwhile, with hundreds of online stores (and more now because of COVID), buyers have more to choose from and competition is stronger than ever.

So you look for outside help to

Take your store to the next level

When you look through the countless solutions, you need to be sure it’s the idealfit — that’s why you

should ask these questions of anyone you work with:

  • Do they specialise in Shopify only so you get the most from the platform?
  • Do they focus on your entire online business rather than 1 - 2 things like “traffic” or “conversions” (which makes your store one-dimensional)?
  • Do they work with you throughout the journey instead of giving quick fixes and leaving you confused on what to do when things change (as they usually do)?
  • Do they have a strategic framework to grow your store (that makes a difference in the long-term)?
  • Do they have lots of experience and a proven record of success (so you don’t waste your time and money)?
But imagine having the proven advice to grow your entire Shopify Store:
  • Imagine having a Shopify Plus partner to review your data and give advice so you know exactly what to do and how to grow—instead of figuring everything yourself.
  • Imagine not guessing, but knowing your entire online business is moving in the right direction.
  • We’ve spent over 12 years building e-commerce stores, removing the confusion and wasted time, and getting great results—and we created a program based on a proven framework for busy entrepreneurs who want the same results.
The eCommerce Journey

The Growth Program

Consistently grow your Shopify store, save time, and get peace of mind.

This is the strategic consulting program where we work with you to strengthen your entire online business so you can boost profits, stop feeling overwhelmed, and enjoy running your store—no matter your experience, industry, or schedule.

Here’s what you get:

Strategy consulting to guide you every step of the way

You’ll get monthly, 45-minute strategy sessions to remove the guesswork and confusion and get clear steps to grow your store—even if you’re busy.

Expand your business with proven eComm strategies

Using the award-winning 7 Levers Framework, we’ll cut through the noise and improve and scale your Shopify store—from visitors, orders, profits, and more.

Save money with flexible pricing to match your goals

No fixed development retainers where you pay no matter how little work is done. We offer fair, flexible pricing—our consulting is at a flat rate, and enhancements are done in blocks of time you can buy as needed (at a discounted rate).

Expert analysis to know exactly what to do

We’ll review your data to find ways to grow your store. We’ll also suggest helpful tools and track performance across key metrics so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Turn your Shopify store into a powerhouse

We’ll help improve and redesign your store to boost traffic, conversions, and more, and help you take advantage of Shopify’s apps and features (that few use) to strengthen your store.

Access our exclusive partner network

We connect you to our trusted network for specialised projects from SEO, copywriting, email campaigns, paid ads, and more. (We even oversee their work to ensure they do a great job!)

We’ve helped many clients transform their results and reduce the stress of growing their

business—no matter their industry, size, or experience. The result? More peace of mind, more

freedom, and more time to spend on the things you love.

We specialise in Shopify & Shopify Plus and we’ll help you get the most from these platforms.

The eComm Journey

The Award-Winning 7 Levers Framework

Many marketers lack an overall strategy and just focus on “traffic” or “conversions,” which overlooks your entire business, misses opportunities, and leads to endless testing. Instead, the Growth Program targets only 7 proven keys to any business—called the Seven Levers—to grow your company in a balanced, systematic way; a framework created by the best-selling author and entrepreneur, Pete Williams.

“10% Wins” in seven key areas of your business:

1. Suspects

Web visitors, from Google, social and other sources.

2. Prospects

Those who show intent (view a product, add to cart, begin the checkout process )

3. Conversions

Users that complete an order with payment and become a customer.

4. Average Order Value

Average price of the items sold.

5. Average Items Per Sale

Average number of items purchased.

6. Transactions Per Customer

The number of times on average, your customers make repeat purchases

7. Margins

Your overall profit margin and costs.

Gain consistent, measurable business growth without radical overhauls, massive investments or huge transformations.

- Pete Williams, Cadence A Tale of Fast Business Growth Author

It gives you an edge:

  • Each lever increases all other levers—by lifting each one by just 10%, the compounding effect will actually double your profit, giving you more results from less effort.
  • Instead of overwhelming you with tasks, our advisors target one lever at a time to give you focus and clarity and create consistent improvements for steady, long-term success.
  • The Hope Factory is the only Shopify Plus partner that uses the Seven Levers Framework.

Who the Growth Program is NOT for:

  • Those only looking for IT support or a 24/7 help desk. While we do offer support as needed, our main goal is giving strategic advice to grow and scale your business.
  • Those who want to give zero effort. You’ll get proven and powerful growth strategies, but you still need to follow through—otherwise, they’ll go to waste.
  • Those not willing to invest in their business. While Growth Program prices are customised to your needs, if you don’t plan to invest in improvements, marketing strategies, etc., you won’t get the full benefits.


Great for those looking for regular insights

Book a Free Discovery call
  • Quarterly 45-minutes strategy
  • 10% discount on 8-hour development blocks
  • Quarterly insights report


Perfect for those looking to scale up their business

Book a Free Discovery call
  • Monthly 45-minutes strategy session
  • 25% discount on 8-hour development blocks
  • Monthly insights report
  • Quarterly webinar with ecommerce experts
  • Access to strategic advice via Basecamp

Don’t miss the Growth Program that’s powered some of Australia’s favourite Shopify stores.