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eCommerce Images That Increase Sales

eCommerce Images That Increase Sales

A single picture tells a story and that has never been more true in the world of online selling. Data shows that photography can increase sales by as much as 30% so it’s critical to get your eCommerce images right.

Your online store takes your customers on a journey as they interact with your brand and products. To grab their attention and bring your products to life, photography is one of the best investment decisions an online store can make.

Brand Photography

The first time a customer visits your site, immediately show them your showpiece products so they can picture themselves owning and using them. Large feature photographs that show your products in a styled room, or a model wearing your latest collection will engage them immediately.

Large ecommerce product image

These images will continue to flow throughout the site and are perfect to use in your social media and advertising posts too.

Product Photography

Customers want to be able to see the colours, size, features and points of difference, so present your products in a confident and clear way. On a product page, your galleries should have:

1. A main product image that is clear and on a simple (ideally white) background

large ecommerce images
2. A product photo for each colour swatch or product option so clients can click through them quickly. 


Ecommerce product swatches
3. Use large photos so customers can zoom in and see the detail.

Large product photos
4. Showcase product detail with beautifully styled close-ups of product features. 

Ecommerce product photos

5. Include styled brand photos if you can, but make the plain white background photos the lead images on your product pages. 

Styled brand photos

    When it’s time to source your eCommerce images, if you work with a wholesaler or distributor, that they already have some top-shelf photography that you can use on your site free of charge. Check with them first and see what they have. 

    Top Tips

    • Always use a professional photographer and, if you can, invest in a stylist. 
    • Brand photos need to be shot in a horizontal (or landscape) layout with plenty of space around the product. This gives you responsive flexibility as users shift between devices. 
    • Always shoot product photos in front of a white backdrop. 
    • Choose a style and stick to it. This will give your website a consistent look.
    • People use fantastic retina screens now, so old standards, like 72 dpi photos, no longer cut it. Get 144 dpi images with generous heights and widths.
    • When you brief your photographer, be clear on the number of shots you expect and the size you want them delivered in. It is totally fine to present them with a mood board of relevant photography that you feel hits the mark.

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