February 13, 2017

Matt: So another very important part of when you're building an online site is thinking about the imagery you are going to use. There’s the main images, the main sort of slider images that people tend to use or hero images, ad boxes

Andrew: Mmm. I don’t like sliders.

Matt: Fair enough.

Andrew: They don’t convert very well.

Matt: Yeah, and also the product images as well. What images you are going to use, very important in terms of you know the background you are going to use.

Andrew: It can make a massive difference to your site, if you can choose photographs, whether it's your own photographer or use a stock site. If you can have really striking images in terms of your overall design aesthetic, it can make a massive difference in terms of your conversions, because people get a feeling for your brand and your business based on the images on your site, so that's really important, and you need to take time and to plan exactly what you want to convey, what message, what do you want the people to feel when they come to your site based on the images they see.

Matt: Yeah, I mean if you're talking about let's say product images, you obviously want the product to look as good as it can.

Andrew: Totally.

Matt: The other thing is people might

Andrew: So you don't want like a background that’s all sort of grainy or it's not, you want them to be clear. So that might be making, you know white background and having them shot properly, which we can help with, we've got photographers that we work with in house and also on site.

Matt: And even if you’ve got images which do have that background and an inconsistent background. We do have people who can go and actually, you know give them a wipe to actually etch out and give them all nice white background as well. I think it is also around the size, how big a picture do you need, because we’re obviously talking about the web, we're not talking about having something in print.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: So there are different requirements I guess in the size of those images.

Andrew: Yeah, your spot on it. I think one of the biggest considerations more recently and it's now become a ranking factor for Google is page loading speed, and that is effected quite often by the size of images on the site, and if you look at sort of, you’ll do a test on a site and you look at the actual chart of what’s affecting the speed of the site, you'll see that it's quite often 60, 70% is the actual images.

So if you can optimize those images. First, we get the dimensions right based on the theme that you are using, but secondly there are tools that will help you optimize the size of the images and reduce it, without reducing the actual quality.

Matt: Yeah, because obviously as you say, you want to have as good looking picture as you can.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt: But you don't want to have a picture.

Andrew: You have a smaller size.

Matt: Slow it down, slow down your site.

Andrew: Exactly.

Matt: So yeah, it's a bit of a bounce there that you have to define between the two.

Andrew: And the tool that we use quite often is really, it's been fantastic in terms of reducing that image size, but not the quality it's called JPEGmini Pro and we will put a link to that below as well.

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