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How to reset your Shopify password

Matt: Hi, everyone! I'm Matt from The Hope Factory and joining me is Raksha.

Raksha: Hello. 

Matt: From The Hope Factory as well. Raksha has got a wealth of experience over 5 years building Shopify stores and I think you've built or have been part of building over 300 at this point.

Raksha: Still counting.

Matt: So pretty impressive. We just want just a couple of little tips or one particular that is sort of quite a common question we get, even though it's one of those things that I guess can be seen as sort of simple, but it's around how you actually login to the back end of your Shopify store.

Raksha: Shopify's store.

Matt: Yeah, because a lot of people I think when they start the store, they sign up and they get an email with a link to get into the back end of the store, so perhaps you can just talk us through how do you actually login to your store.

Raksha: So, there are two ways of logging in. So, basically if someone else is developing your store, example when we developed the store, we opened the development store in our development ground and then we send the invite to the customer or the person who is having the store owner I would say.

Matt: Just from that, just a good point you've raised about as a Shopify expert that we are, that we can actually open up development stores, and I guess one of the advantages of that is that you actually as we develop the store, you don't start to pay for the plan until the store is launched or maybe you actually have to add some apps sometimes you do need to start a plan

Raksha: Going to a basic plan.

Matt: To add some apps and try them out. Whereas with Shopify, if you are doing it on your own, which is also obviously fine, you actually only get 14 days, and then you need to start paying for the store, so there is a little advantage, but as you've said going back to how you would login to the store.

Raksha: So when we do the development, we send the invite to the store owner. The store owner gets an email, and then in that email they have to click a button to go, to set up your password of the store. So when they set up the password of the store and then what you can do is save the password somewhere or write it down, simple.

Matt: Yeah, with password we probably suggest that you use a program. 

Raksha: One password 

Matt: One password is a good one, obviously it's a bit of a nightmare if everyone has so many passwords and there are some really good apps to use, but that's fine. Let's go back to. 

Raksha: And then what you can do is save the password and then next time when you log in just, I'm going to show you in the next video, there is a trick doing that.

Matt: Okay.

Raksha: So if we can follow that, it will be really easy for you to go and log into your store. You don't have to go back to that email, to go and do the same process over and over again.

Matt: And that is using the Shopify URL that you get given. And then just adding /admin.

Raksha: /admin and then just write down your email and then password

Matt: Yeah, so we will show you that, as you said Raksha will talk you through that. So that's great. Thanks Raksha.

Raksha: Thank you.

I'm going to show you, how can you retrieve your lost or forgotten password for your Shopify login. So the first thing you have to do is, open a browser. In your browser URL section, go and write down your domain and then put a slash, write the word admin, press return or enter from your keyboard, wait for a few seconds, you will be directed to a login page.

Now in your login page go and click on question mark, which is just beside password. As soon as you’ve clicked on question mark, you will be taken to another page call forgot your password, over here you have to write down your email and then press email instruction button.

Now, as soon as you are done with that, you will be receiving an email in your inbox. The email should look similar to this. Now what you have to do is click on reset your password button. You will be taken to a page called reset your password; over here you have to write down your new password, confirm that new password and then click on reset password.

What I would suggest you to do is, please write down the password somewhere in your book. So you won't forget.

Now we have to go back to the same step which we did first, write down your domain name details, slash, word admin, press enter or return, write down your email, write down the new password. At the bottom enable remember me, and then press button login.

You will be able to go to your admin section after doing this. I hope this video was helpful. Please let us know if you have got any comments. Thank you. Bye-bye.