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We asked our clients to reflect on their experience working and winning with Shopify (and us). 

Birkenstock Hahndorf increased online revenue by 140%

Phil started Birkenstock Hahndorf as a side business in 2003 while working his day job as an Administration Officer in Adelaide.

It was something he always wanted – run a family business and use his entrepreneurial skills towards a business he was passionate about.

After a year of fairly uninspiring results online, he realised it was time to seek professional advice to take the store to the next level. 

An old photo of young Phil kneeling beside a dog

Henley & Co lifted sales 4 to 5 fold

Kate Brown founded Henley & Co in 2017 with a mission to provide lucky pooches and their owners with a heavenly collection of dog beds and accessories. 

“I’m not very tech savvy,” Kate laughs. “I’m just completely computer illiterate. I had this sort of vision with Shopify, that everything would be fairly easy to set up. But despite all that, we just ran into a lot of problems.”

“Online retail is quite visual, and the way I had set [the website] up, it just wasn’t working that way. It was not user-friendly,” she said. “And I think we might’ve lost a lot of business because people got frustrated not finding what they wanted.”

A smiling Kate Brown, founder of Henley and Co, holding a brown puppy

Balsa Central doubled Shopify orders in 6 months

As the business development manager at Balsa Central, Peter has been involved in managing wholesale and distributor sales across Australia.

At heart, he is passionate about teaching and designing hands-on learning courses for students.

But he often found himself caught up between finding time to create more educational resources and developing the business through marketing and sales.

A smiling Peter Le Cornu, the business development manager at Balsa Central

Returning Customers Doubled for W. Titley & Co

For four generations, W. Titley & Co has served country shoppers with practical, comfortable, and long-lasting western wear. Today, under the leadership of Tony Titley, the family-owned business has expanded to five retail stores in Charters Towers.

As a business that’s constantly evolving, the Titley team needed guidance to make the most of the platform and approached us with a vision for increased e-commerce success.

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