Shopify Growth Program

The Hope Factory has been creating e-commerce websites for the past 9+ years now, and have been exclusively helping Shopify merchants since 2014.

Do you find yourself wondering what to do next after launching an online store?

Have you been up and running for a few years and just hit a wall with your sales?

Or, are you really confused about how to take things to the next level in e-commerce as everyone you turn to for advice has a different opinion?

If any of these sounds like you, then our HOPE Wins Growth Program is designed for you.

Since 2010 we have helped over 300+ customers get their e-commerce stores up and running. The Growth Program  has been designed to remove all those time-consuming processes that normally would be included in optimising an online store. We help you focus only on activities that drive results in the fastest way possible.

How do we stay focused on the activities that will lead to growth?
Easy, we use The Seven Levers Framework.

The Seven Levers Framework is a globally embraced methodology and structure for focusing on the key metrics that drive business profitability. Taken from the award-winning book Cadence: A Tale of Fast Business Growth by Pete Williams,  we have adapted the framework and the Seven Levers for e-commerce.

The framework and their related areas of e-commerce focus on:

  1. Suspects - traffic to your website from Google, Social and other sources
  2. Prospects - showing intent by viewing a product, adding to cart, or beginning the checkout process
  3. Conversions - completing an order with payment and becoming a customer
  4. Average Item Price - higher value items, and increasing prices by adding value to the customer
  5. Average Items Per Sale - complimentary upsell for additional products or increased quantity
  6. Transactions Per Customer - repeat purchases and engaging dormant customers
  7. Margins - costs down from suppliers of goods, services, software, shipping rates, and time saved through automation

    Along with focusing on key profit drivers, the Seven Levers framework provides a methodology for doubling the profit for any business by simply improving each area by just 10%, the compounding effect of these small wins will 2X the current profit of your store.

    All our coaching sessions, the Strategy Roadmap, and any action that we take is driven by this framework and solely focused on increasing the profitability of your business.

    If you want to find out more about the Growth Program, we are offering for a limited time FREE no questions asked Complementary Strategy Session, which you can book here

    Or, you can read more about the program below.



    We work with a variety of clients that have different levels of technical knowledge and available time. Our mission is to make the Growth Program a good fit for your business, and to remove the mystery from e-commerce and digital marketing, so you can understand why you currently haven't been getting the results you want. Then, see the path towards those 10% wins.

    We start by creating a 12-month  Strategy Roadmap  which is a process of targeted discovery using the Seven Levers framework that speeds up the time to results and gets our priorities right for the year before we start work. 

    After our 4-week data collection process alongside our first month's tasks, we take a deep dive into your analytics form Shopify and Google to allow us to prioritise your investment in the first block of work.

    This allows us to increase the impact we have on your store.

    Our goal is to get visible results within the first 3-6 months, focusing on small incremental wins. Over 6-12 months, these small wins will add up to a significant improvement in revenue and performance.



    • 45-minute strategy sessions every 30 days  to discuss the current lever we are working on and any actionable outcomes that will drive growth in that area. Ensuring consistent small wins that will compound continued growth in traffic, conversions, and profits.

    • Custom dashboard setup with all metrics relevant to e-commerce growth and the Seven Levers framework. One set of graphs and charts, to make our progress visible towards each 10% win.

    • Web Visitor recording software, so we can match data with recordings of your customers interacting on your site, revealing insights into potential usability gains (and unseen issues).

    • Connecting you with our network of trusted partners in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), paid advertising, copywriting and social media when work is needed outside our expertise. We keep these relationships close and collaborative, and oversee the work being completed so we can be more effective in working on the Seven Levers together, pulling your store in the same direction.

    • Strategy Roadmap for the next 12-months using your store's data to drive our decisions for the next year. So that, every action is tied to one of the Seven Levers.

    • Onboarding in the first two weeks, which includes the setup and initial optimisation of our recommended analytics tools, all to help us get the job done faster and help us know which of the Seven Levers to work on first.

    • Shopify app and theme audit, to make sure you are taking full advantage of the app ecosystem, store settings and theme settings that Shopify offers. Many of these apps that can help us win with the Items Per Sale, and Transactions Per Customer levers

    • 30% ongoing discount on Development Block rates, so that making changes to your store won't break your budget.



    The HOPE Wins Growth Program is $750+GST a month  

    Ecommerce Development Blocks are $1720+GST per 8-hour block 
    (30% off for Growth Program members)

    What are Ecommerce Development Blocks?

    Outside of our strategy sessions, all work completed on the Growth Program comes from an Ecommerce Development Block. This 8-hour block of time is purchased upfront with the bonus 30% Growth Program discount.

    Why we use blocks instead of a retainer?

    Ecommerce can be a very seasonal business, which is why we don't charge the same amount each month like other agencies do. We believe that the amount we charge should be driven by the work we do, and not based on the passing of time.

    How many blocks can I expect to invest each month?

    Generally, we recommend the number of blocks per month that you purchase based on your annual revenue. However, these recommendations are completely optional and should be driven by the strategy we create together, and your cash flow throughout the year.

    What you can use Ecommerce Development Blocks for?

    You can use Block time for Shopify development and custom coding, training on features or apps, additional strategy sessions, optimising software, or any other tasks that we agree on together that will help grow your business. Block time can also be used for copywriting, email campaigns, and asset creation.

    If you still have more questions and would like to get in touch, please reach out and book a 30-minute chat with me

    Carpe Diem

    Andrew & Veena