Shopify Editions Winter ‘24  key updates

Shopify Editions Winter ‘24 key updates

by Andrew Cox

Shopify has recently launched its most significant update in over a decade, introducing over 100 foundational product enhancements. 

Previously, Shopify business owners had to use various paid apps to access features such as subscriptions, smart search, colour swatches, bundles, and exchanges. Now, some of these features are already accessible or will be available in early 2024 through free Shopify apps that can be managed within the Shopify admin. It's important to note that certain new features remain exclusive to Shopify Plus

In addition to these fundamental updates, Shopify has introduced cutting-edge features like AI-powered product images and 3D product models.

Here are 12 key updates from Shopify Editions Winter 2024:

1. Shopify Combined Listings

Manage products with multiple colours or styles from a single listing using the free Combined Listings app. Exclusive to Shopify Plus. (Available in early 2024)

Shopify Combined Listings

2. AI-powered Smarter Search

Introducing Shopify Semantic Search, enabling customers to use natural words and phrases for more relevant results. Exclusive to Shopify Plus.

Shopify smart search

3. Shopify Subscriptions App Full Release

The free subscription app is now 100% live, allowing you to offer products as subscriptions directly from the Shopify admin and enhancing predictable revenue.

Shopify Subscriptions

4. Expanded Bundles

Increase the maximum number of products per bundle from 10 to 30, integrating with Shopify Scripts for personalised customer experiences.

Shopify Bundles

5. Exchanges on Shopify

Native exchanges are now added, allowing easy creation, tracking, and management directly from the admin. (Available in early 2024)

Shopify Exchanges

6. Better Analytics from Multiple Channels

Sync Customer Data from various platforms to gain insights, with upcoming availability of ad cost and impression data from Google, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Sync Customer Data from various platforms

7. AI-powered Product Images

The new Media Editor uses generative AI for instant and free product image customisation within the Shopify Admin.

AI-powered Product Images

8. Easier fulfilment with Shopify POS

Easier fulfilment from retail locations and customised receipts that match your brand.

Easier fulfilment with Shopify POS

9. Extended Checkout Control

Checkout extensibility introduces 14 new APIs and over 90 apps for customisation. Exclusive to Shopify Plus.

 Extended Checkout Control

10. Swatch filters & Custom Filter Logic in Collection Pages

The improved Search & Discovery app allows you to feature visual swatches for colours, patterns, or materials, it also enables customisation of filter logic on collection pages, providing customers with more refined search options. This allows customers to find products that match multiple values, such as jackets that are both "waterproof" and "insulated." 

Customise Filter Logic in Collection Pages 

11. APIs supporting up to 2,000 variants per product

Shopify released new product APIs to unlock up to 2,000 variants per product to better support more complex catalogues. Available in developer preview and to select businesses in 2024.

APIs supporting up to 2,000 variants per product

12. 3D Product Models in Minutes

Create interactive 3D models on your online store's product page effortlessly using Shopify's 3D scanner for iOS, with no additional software or costs.


3D Product Models in Minutes

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