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About Us

Shopify Plus Growth Agency Australia

We're incredibly humbled (as one of a handful of agencies) to have been chosen to become Shopify Plus partners.

We’ve been super privileged to work with some fantastic brands and their owners, including Sennheiser, Jo Mercer, Papinelle, Patagonia, and many many more (360+ stores and 183+ verified reviews on Shopify).

We’ve also been invited to consult with a number of organisations including Business Victoria, Service NSW and Strategic Project Partners.

Our Approach to Creating Great Shopify Stores

Helping you every step of the way

Hi, I’m Andrew Cox, the founder of The Hope Factory.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of starting an online store or moving platforms?

Sometimes there’s so much to take in it feels like you’re drinking from a fire hose!

Well, you’ve come to the right place… in over 14 years of designing, developing and migrating websites, we’ve refined a process to solve every challenge you’ll face along the way.

Andrew Cox, founder The Hope Factory with Mike Ellett from Move Performance Underwear

If you’re looking for a fast, cheap and impersonal kind of experience then we’re probably not for you.

If you’re in this to build something incredible that you’ll be proud of – the kind of business you know you’ve got in you – then read on.

We can help you validate your idea, define your brand, design your graphics, build your store, write what your visitors want to hear and get you well past any feelings of tech-overwhelm (aka drinking from a fire hose). Ready to get started?

Shopify experts Australia: we'll help you build an incredible ecommerce store

Our Clients

Our Story

Why “The Hope Factory”

A few years down the track we launched The Hope Factory where we worked with disadvantaged youth to design and build high performing websites for hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses across 15 different industries, Australia-wide.

Noticing a clear gap in the market to develop and grow e-commerce businesses on Shopify, Andrew purchased an existing business and pivoted the company to scale the brand and become a dominant player in the industry.

The story behind The Hope Factory Shopify & Shopify Plus ecommerce agency in Melbourne

We believe

Our Purpose

The Kiva Projects

The concept of micro-lending always inspired us from when we first heard about the work Mohammed Yunuswas doing to enable individuals to create value and improve the lives of their families while also growing their local communities and economies. Micro-lending is a bottom-up approach to bootstrapping an economy and it can have a global impact - when implemented properly it is nothing short of inspirational.

As a result, we have chosen to loan a portion of our profits to empower entrepreneurs in the developing world through micro-lending with To track our progress and view our latest loan recipients, please visit our page on Kiva.

Kiva is a loan, not a donation, allowing you to cycle your money and create a personal impact across the world. Plus, you can withdraw your funds at any time.