Whatever product or service you sell... we can help you to WIN on Shopify.

Hi, I’m Andrew Cox, the founder of The Hope Factory. That's me at the centre before helping myself to a rich and flavourful Indian spread that was highly recommended by the team (from the left) Gati, Bhumika, Rax and Veena.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for an e-commerce partner to help you design, develop or grow your online store.

Unlike some other digital agencies, we’re not in the 'produce and disappear' business. We’re here for the entire journey.

We know from experience (10+ years and 300+ sites) that ‘Build it and they will come’ doesn’t work.

Building a successful brand takes skillhard graft and collaboration.

So, we’re not interested in working in isolation as you watch from afar. Why? Because building a business is easiest, most successful and most fun when it’s a team sport.

And we’re a team that will do our best to help you get you where you want to go.

We’re here to help you build a business that you’ll be proud of because 1) it reflects your brand and vision, and 2) it sells products. (Or whatever conversion looks like for you.)

Why Shopify?

And that’s why we partner with Shopify because from the beginning they’ve focussed wholeheartedly on building a platform that helps business owners like you and I grow successful businesses.

Yes, other platforms like WooCoommerce, BigCommerce, Magento and Wix can deliver you an e-commerce website but from our experience, they struggle to keep you focused on what really matters - moving the needle in the right direction.

This is where Shopify excels… it’s not just software - it’s the ultimate e-commerce platform.

If you're looking for a fast, cheap and impersonal kind of experience then we’re probably not for you.

If you’re in this to build something incredible that you’ll be proud of – the kind of business you know you’ve got in you– then read on.

We can help you validate your idea, define your brand, design your graphics, build your store, write what your visitors want to hear and get you well past any feelings of tech-overwhelm (aka drinking from a fire hose).

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Get to know us

One thing we've learnt after 9 years in business is that you can't please everyone – and you shouldn’t try. With that in mind, we know that we're not going to be the best fit for every project. That's why we created this guide - Need a Shopify Developer? Here's how to find one FAST!

Oh, and if you'd like to get to know us a bit better, here's some of our most popular content:
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BTW, we’ve been super privileged to work with some fantastic brands and their owners, including PatagoniaHenry BucksMy Christmas and many many more (300+ stores and 139 verified reviews on Shopify).

We’ve also been invited to consult with a number of organisations including Business Victoria, Service NSW and Strategic Project Partners.

The bottom line: we give a damn about the people (and businesses) we work with. We also try to give away a ton of high-quality content, and we’re looking to give away a whole lot more.

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