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LoyaltyLion: Leading the Way With An Innovative Loyalty Program

Loyalty Lion: ecommerce loyalty programs

It's much easier to keep your existing customers instead of finding new ones. Not only that, it's five times cheaper, too. 

The concept of customer loyalty is simple enough. Provide a great customer experience, make people feel valued, and serve their needs. If you do it right, they'll come back for more. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to creating loyalty programs, most companies get it wrong. But if you harness the power of data and creativity, you can develop a loyalty program that encourages customers to return for more. 

Our partner, LoyaltyLion, takes their programs to a whole new level. By unlocking real insights about customers’ individual buying behaviour, they're able to customise loyalty programs that set stores apart.

What is LoyaltyLion, And What Do They Do?

LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and customer engagement platform that powers ecommerce growth. This platform helps companies obtain valuable data and insights to get a better understanding of the motivation behind longer-lasting customer relationships. Merchants can then use those insights to connect and accelerate their existing marketing efforts. 

The team at LoyaltyLion offers an innovative loyalty program that uses store data for recommendations and insight, automatically identifying your most loyal, at-risk and churned customers, and A/B testing to maximize ROI.

As the first reward partner to offer more than just purchases, LoyaltyLion knows that these days, it’s not enough to set yourself apart with logistics and price tags. The company continues to go above and beyond, showcasing its progressive loyalty innovations through unique strategies and systems.

Why Targeted Loyalty Programs Are a Must

Selling to a previous customer is 60-70% more probable than selling to someone new. With the right strategy, loyalty programs can increase customer lifetime value, which is crucial in building a sustainable ecommerce business in any industry.

While loyalty programs are primarily made to retain existing customers, they can also attract new customers. 

Not sold yet? Here are four benefits of a stellar loyalty program for any ecommerce business:

1. Reel in lost customers: Some level of customer churn is inevitable for any business. But a data-driven loyalty program has the potential to identify previous customers—and can persuade them to return by delivering hyper-targeted campaigns.

2. Create influential brand ambassadors: Loyalty programs help companies connect with their best customers. By forging stronger relationships with the frequent buyers who love what you’re doing, you can leverage their social proof and personal networks by making them brand ambassadors. For instance, you can encourage them to leave a review, referring a friend or posting an image with your brand hashtag on Instagram in exchange for points.

3. Reduce advertising costs: As you learn more about your ideal customer, you can refine your paid advertising to weed through the deal-searchers and bring in qualified leads who are genuinely interested in your products. In the long run, this targeted approach will yield real customers that are likely to buy again.

4. Stand out in your industry: Smart loyalty programs keep your customers engaged with your content, eagerly awaiting new product drops. You can even provide early access to your new product launches to your most loyal customers. This clever marketing strategy makes it hard for any competitors to tempt your customers away.

Why LoyaltyLion Is An Innovator

LoyaltyLion taps into the power of data to unlock real, targeted insights, which you can use to increase customer's lifetime value. In doing so, you can deliver exclusive experiences for your customers and add an incremental value for your brand.

As the eCommerce marketing director from Pacifica Beauty says, "LoyaltyLion is a game-changing platform that up-levels our customer experience. Their insights soar with the marketing potential to help maintain, engage, and win back our customers."

Here are some of their forward-thinking features that make this platform stand out in the modern ecommerce industry: 

Savvy, Data-Driven Points and Rewards System

When you add data into any marketing scheme, the outcome becomes a lot more customer-centric. This is because data-driven programs help you understand what drives your customers.

Not only that, but LoyaltyLion’s system allows customers to earn points for any on-site and off-site activity. Meaning, customers don’t need to make a purchase to be rewarded – they simply need to engage with the brand. Customers can then exchange these points for gift cards, vouchers, or a reward or choice such as free shipping or products. To encourage customers to repeat purchase and spend more, merchants can also implement a tiered loyalty program structure that enables customers to earn exclusive benefits in each tier.

Loyalty Lion dashboard

This easy access to points and rewards throughout the full buyer journey encourages potential, existing, and at-risk buyers to make a purchase and keep coming back for more.

Meaningful Loyalty Connection Through Tech

LoyaltyLion has developed an app that helps ecommerce store owners uniquely engage with their customers.

Using this app, store owners can learn more about their customers, display their points and balances, offer exclusive sales opportunities, and create personalised emails for a radically customised email marketing plan.

LoyaltyLion makes it easy to integrate your new loyalty program with your go-to tools, streamlining your administrative duties, and website experience.

Enhancing Brand Advocacy through Referrals, Social Media Engagement and UGC

This feature helps merchants to drive acquisition more cost-effectively, turning existing customers into brand advocates that refer your store to others. For example, you can encourage your customers to leave a review, refer a friend or engage with you on social media platforms by awarding them with points.

This system helps create eager brand influencers while building a strong sense of community – every store owner's dream. You can also showcase those reviews that you have gained or hashtag mentions on your website to build brand trust.

Real Insights Through A/B Testing

Utilising analytics in your marketing process is essential these days. LoyaltyLion enables store owners to see the spend, average order value, and repeat purchase rates of both your loyalty program members and guest shoppers. Store owners can also see the conversion rates of each customer segment and their dropping of points. Through viewing retention and referral analytics along with real-time stats, they can make smarter marketing decisions based on data.

Loyalty Lion rewards loyalty program

In turn, that has a positive impact on program performance, marketing focus, and the store’s ability to stand out from the competition.

Easy and Customisable Loyalty Programs

It seems like everything about LoyaltyLion is customisable, which is something we love. After all, personalised systems are the way of the future.

Looking for specifics?

Their Integrated Loyalty Page and Loyalty Page Editor functionality allows you to:

- Design a fully-customised and on-brand loyalty program by implementing your store’s values and theme into the program

- Include post-purchase pages or loyalty components on products

- Use the easy CSS theme editor to change language and colour options.

LoyaltyLion programs are designed to keep any third party or development support out of the way so you can create and customise your program yourself – building stronger and longer relationships with your customers.

Live by Their Name with Loyal Support

The support system for a loyalty program platform is assumed to be reliable, and when it comes to the LoyaltyLion team, they make their support shine.

While all store owners can contact their knowledgeable team via chat and email, larger stores are paired with a dedicated loyalty expert for exceptional loyalty advice.

Case Study: Ancient Nutrition

While LoyaltyLion has many success stories, Ancient Nutrition is a particularly interesting tale. 

After experiencing personal health challenges, founders Jordan Rubin and Dr. Josh Axe decided to make products that heal. By harnessing the wisdom and principles from Traditional Chinese Herbalism and Ayurveda, combined with modern research, they created supplements that unite the best practices of tradition and science.

Supplements Done Right

The Ancient Nutrition team believes quality-sourced ingredients should be as important as eating the right foods, a standard that should be given to supplements, too.

However, their high-quality ingredients stand out as the Ancient Nutrition uses traditional methods to prepare them, which boosts the nutrients' absorption and bioavailability – a process that delivers real results.


While it's clear Ancient Nutrition's products are of supreme quality, every ecommerce business comes to a point where they want to optimise their marketing strategy and scale. For this health-driven duo, they looked to increase reward redemption for customers and develop a solution that went hand-in-hand with the user's journey.


LoyaltyLion's Onboarding Manager and Ancient Nutrition joined forces and migrated their point totals and existing loyalty program members to LoyaltyLion's platform. They then created and implemented two powerful new program features: Instant Points and In-Cart Rewards, both of which are firsts to Shopify.

By offering customers quicker wins, the brand hoped to elicit more engagement and drive more impulsive purchases.

Ancient Nutrition with a 300% increase in reward redemption, and the Instant Points created a 36% increase in average order value (AOV) using Loyalty Lion


The In-Cart Rewards provided Ancient Nutrition with a 300% increase in reward redemption, and the Instant Points created a 36% increase in average order value (AOV). 

This switch encourages Ancient Nutrition's shoppers to add more to their cart and earn a reward through accrued points. 

"As partners, the LoyaltyLion team has been extremely responsive, collaborative, and flexible in helping us migrate from a different rewards platform. We are very happy to have made the switch."

Kate, VP Ecommerce, Ancient Nutrition

Wrap-Up: Looking Ahead with LoyaltyLion

Loyalty programs don’t have to be basic. For inspiring, forward-thinking store owners, the program should match the drive and mission of your brand.

By weaving your style, story, and tone throughout your loyalty program, you can stir up more interest. More importantly, when you harness data-driven insights and your in-depth knowledge of your customers, you can create a personalised, unique program that builds excitement and community. Check out their pricing here.

For any ecommerce store looking to increase customer retention and build a loyal following of brand advocates that can help elevate your company, LoyaltyLion is the best choice.

If you need help creating a vibrating Loyalty program and boosting sales for your Shopify or Shopify plus store, join our Growth Program.