W. Titley & Co.

After four generations, provider of quality country and western wear W. Titley & Co. remains a family-run business to this day with five physical stores and more than 42% of its overall sales made online.


  • Strategy & CRO Insights
  • UX/UI Design
  • Shopify Development


  • Shopify Plus
  • Klaviyo
  • Boost Commerce
  • Judge.me

The Challenge

As a constantly evolving business, W. Titley & Co. needed to make its online store look better and increase ease of use. After struggling with the functionality of its Magento site, we helped the company re-platform to Shopify before shortly upgrading to Shopify Plus to support its rapid growth.

While the move benefitted the Titley team in many areas, they needed strategy, conversion rate optimisation and expert advice to make the most of Shopify Plus features.

The Solution

W. Titley & Co. has been a member of our Growth Program for over three years, where we consistently reviewed shopping behaviour and identified conversion rate improvements through regular strategy sessions. By making targeted user experience enhancements based on strategic, data-driven insights, we achieved monthly performance gains, resulting in a continually improving website.

From the outset, we connected Titley with Optimising, our SEO partner. Given their extensive product range, expanding the store's organic reach across various categories was a primary objective. 

We advised on leveraging Shopify Flow to manage inventory and security efficiently, automatically hiding out-of-stock products and flagging high-risk orders.

Win with Shopify

The Results

After a year into the Growth Program and Optimising’s strong focus on organic traffic and ongoing paid campaigns, the online store performance saw a significant improvement. Customers returning to the online store increased by 177%, while online orders were up by 108%. The online revenue increased by 96% and conversions by 54%.

Using Flow, W. Titley & Co. recorded a 36% increase in conversion rates by including how much more customers need to spend to unlock free shipping as they shop in real-time, as well as featuring icons at checkout for fast shipping and free returns.

'Over the past 2 years, we have developed a great partnership with The Hope Factory. Their ongoing dedication and support have seen our sales volume increase tenfold over a very short period of time. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach in helping our company grow.'

- Courtney Williams, W. Titley & Co.

Win with Shopify