July 14, 2017

Hosting is the home for your website, and you need it to have a solid foundation.

There are good hosts and not-so-good hosts out there, with some having major issues like a limited support, lack of speed, complex interfaces, and lack of easy tools like backups and installations, and even in some cases, the complete database loss of your site.

Whether it’s a hobby blog, a side hustle or a serious enterprise that is your dream come true, you don’t need to compromise when you’re looking for a professional and seamless host that supports your WordPress site. 

You want a host with great service, speed, scalability, and one that is on the fast track forward.

At the Hope Factory we work with WordPress every day, and for WordPress hosting, we only use WP Engine.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of why we love it, the big picture tells quite a story.

In short, WP Engine was designed to support WordPress, which means it’s set up perfectly to service WordPress. WP Engine is also all over WordPress security patches and updates, which all adds up to keeping you moving along smoothly.

As a host designed for WordPress, they’re unlike other hosts who stretch resources across servicing multiple web frameworks and platforms. To quote them directly, WP Engine note that, “With a full-time engineering staff and dedicated labs team, we’re defining the bleeding edge of WordPress technology.”

When you sit down to unpack the WP Engine experience, this is a host that thrives amid high-traffic demands, rapidly changing markets and unforeseen conditions, which are becoming more and more a feature of running a business in the eCommerce space.

WP Engine also delivers hosting that allows you to developer robust and reliable WordPress websites with direct SFPT, Git version control, built-in CDN , enhanced security and on-click staging and restore.

If that’s a touch too technical for your tastes, it means that WP Engine is very secure, fast, easy to back up and install, simple and fast to migrate, and if you need to make major changes to your site, this is simple too.

WP Engine is also very scalable, which is an absolute necessity for a growing eCommerce business, and delivers enterprise-level security. You want to be able to offer your clients a secure shopping experience, which you can do with total confidence when you’re hosting on WP Engine.

Business owners also need to develop some core digital skills along with their professional and management skill sets. WP Engine shares their knowledge through blogs and newsletters, a helpful customer and technical service team, and Page and Content Performance tools.

It’s well priced, with packages from $29 a month. While there are very cheap hosting deals available with other hosts (and we know they can be tempting) for the sake of the price of a few coffees, you will be in a much stronger position and have a better performing eCommerce business.

Team Hope love working with WP Engine because, from a personal standpoint and direct experience, the support is AMAZING. If you need assistance, knowing that it’s at your fingertips is key.

Whether you want to migrate from one host to a better host like WP Engine or start from scratch properly, WP Engine is our choice. From setting up a personal blog or an intricate and complex multi-site for your brand, WP Engine makes managed WordPress hosting a snap.

If you have an existing WordPress site that is underperforming, want to migrate hosts, or want to build a WordPress site from scratch, contact us for an obligation free chat.


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