US-based, EcoBranders specialises in offering a carefully curated selection of sustainable and socially responsible branded merchandise to the eco-conscious marketing community. The brand’s most notable clients include Yale University, Ikea, and Hard Rock Cafe.


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The Challenge

Founder and CEO Stacee Matheson, the sole force behind EcoBranders, found herself at a growth plateau after running the business for over a decade. As one of the few suppliers specialising in sustainable promotional products in the US, Stacee realised the importance of the website in effectively conveying the brand’s mission and emphasising the urgency for organisations to shift away from conventional promotional products.

As a B2B enterprise, she also sought expertise in streamlining the online ordering process and improving the user experience to boost sales.

The Solution

Through our Growth Program, we conducted an in-depth site audit, assessing the business against specific growth metrics. The audit revealed significant opportunities to enhance the store's performance, emphasising the need for a more cohesive brand identity and a robust selling proposition. 

Prioritising SEO, site speed, and overall user experience, our design & development team transformed the audit findings and Stacee’s vision into the foundation of the Shopify 2.0 redesign project. The store was built to provide multiple pathways to find promotional products, allowing users to shop by impact and select merchandise aligned with their preferred social or environmental causes, such as biodiversity, climate change, deforestation, ocean cleanup, or water conservation.

By seamlessly integrating EcoBrander's partnership with Greenspark, we showcased how sustainable impact is intricately woven into their operations. Leveraging iconography, impactful statistics, compelling imagery, and persuasive copywriting, the redesign effectively communicated the brand's unwavering commitment to sustainability.

The primary goal of the redesign was to minimise friction points in the customer journey, simplify order forms, and streamline the checkout process, ensuring a seamless experience for users across various devices.

The Results

Our collaborative efforts resulted in a redesigned store that authentically captured the brand’s essence, sparking substantial growth. 

The new site resonated with the target audience, leading to a remarkable 104% increase in conversions compared to the previous month. Drop-offs along the customer journey were significantly reduced. 

The positive results also extended to a notable 50% increase in orders and a 102% hike in the average order value when compared to the previous year. The redesigned site successfully communicated EcoBranders' commitment to sustainability, fostering stronger connections with their eco-conscious community.

'Everyone I've dealt with has been very friendly, super helpful, and responded to my inquiries really quickly. It's clear to me that they care very much about their clients' successes. I'm working with them through their Growth Program, and they just helped me launch a new Shopify website, which turned out amazing!I highly recommend this incredible team of people!'

- Stacee - EcoBranders

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